Yosemite Cloud Server


Installed in your enterprise website, Yosemite Cloud is independent of operating systems and computer hardware. In your webserver, Yosemite Cloud only requires PHP 5.5.x or higher and access to your SQL database.

Your enterprise may also wish to provide an OGC-compatible Web Mapping Service server, such as GeoServer, which can provide additional GIS or data content.

Marta Systems’ Yosemite Cloud© brings cloud computing to your users’ desktops, integrating weather and stored data from your database on street-level map backgrounds, such as Yahoo Maps.

Yosemite Cloud Server Detailed Information

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WMS Server Capabilities

Your own WMS server is typically loaded with your specific GIS and SHAPE files, and any raster imagery your enterprise generates, such as satellite or radar images. Multiple WMS servers, located anywhere, can be used by the Yosemite Cloud application simultaneously.

Multi User Information

In operation, your webserver serves the Yosemite Cloud application contained in a page to a logged-in user’s browser. The user’s credentials determine what data is accessible by requesting that information from your database – including which, if any, WMS servers are also available.

Entirely PHP Driven

PHP scripts provide the glue between the user requests and your SQL database. Scripts are currently available for Microsoft SQL and Oracle MySql. Theoretically, almost any database can be used since the PHP scripts can be modified as required. Yosemite Cloud requires access to application-specific tables in your SQL database.

Configuration Options

The appearance and operating mode of the Yosemite Cloud application can be static or dynamically modified through the use of XML control files on the server. 

When the application begins to run in a user’s browser, the server-specified control file is loaded by the application from the server to configure Yosemite Cloud accordingly.

In addition to weather information, almost any other data may be included for your users to display on their base maps. Examples include GPS-reporting asset postions, additional GIS elements and Shape files.

The Marta Systems Yosemite software suite is capable of populating your WMS server and SQL database with all type of weather information if needed. We currently support GOES-DCP, real-time lightning, radar, satellite imagery, METAR observations and other data types.

Yosemite Cloud© is written entirely in HTML-5 & Javascript as “responsive” code, and is compatible with Linux/Apache, Windows/IIS and other web servers, and Open GIS Consortium (OGC) WMS servers and SQL databases from all major vendors.

Available Add-On Options

  • Separate Modules available for individual website embeds
  • Custom Skins / Color Schemes are Available on Request
  • Custom GIS Database
  • Custom GIS Elements