Weather Websites


Yosemite Cloud Weather Website is a complete internet delivery solution for premium and custom Weather Data generated by Marta Systems’ Yosemite Software Suite.

Yosemite Software Integrated

Designed to be fully integrated with Yosemite Software.
Add products generated by Yosemite to the website with one click.

Built on WordPress

The website framework is built on WordPress, the most popular open source content management system available.

Great for Resellers

Create your own subscription based Weather Website using your custom data.

Directly Integrated With Yosemite Software Suite

Import and display weather products generated by Yosemite Software with one click from the website admin interface.

Open GIS Standards Compliant

Integrates with any Agency Local or Specific GIS Data.

Built on WordPress

WordPress is the most popular Open Source Content Management System available.

  • Vast library of plugins and extensions
  • Rapid Development time.

One Click weather product addition

How it works:

  • Admin clicks one button to add weather products

    The Weather Website Framework accesses the Yosemite Software Product Publish location and adds all weather products to the WordPress Database making them available for display on the website.

  • Admin Configures WordPress Navigation Menus

    Admin configures the WordPress navigation menus determining how and where on the website the end user will access weather products.

Built to work with Yosemite Cloud Viewer

  • Create User Specific and independent favorites
  • Customized data available on a user by user basis

Fast Setup Time

  • WordPress installation takes 5 minutes on a web server
  • MySQL and PHP
    Required Marta Theme Framework
  • Child Theme to customize the look
  • Add products with one click
  • Configure menus and widgets(modules)

Fully Customizable

WordPress Child Themes can be developed and customized to match any look and feel required. We can match your company branding and apply it to your weather website.

A Child Theme is a custom website style and layout that requires a parent theme for its functionality. The parent theme in this case is the Marta Systems Weather Website Framework.

Websites are not Limited to Weather Data

There are other types of content and features that can be added to the website.

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Twitter Feeds
  • RSS Feeds
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Faqs

Yosemite Software Suite

The weather websites pull data from a Yosemite Software installation.

Yosemite Cloud Viewer

Interactive maps, user defined favorites and custom data options.

Web Server Running MySQL and PHP

Open source SQL database and PHP.


Open source content management system.

Marta Systems Weather Website Framework

WordPress theme framework that contains all the functionality of the Weather Website.

Subscription Plan Pricing

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Subscription Pricing

Self Hosted and Sub Domain Sites

Due to the complexity of these systems, and the fact that every client has unique website needs, there are no price lists available.

Please Fill out the following form or call Marta Systems, Inc. directly at (805)933-1270

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Three Weather Website Solutions Available

Self Hosted

The ideal solution for a reseller with existing websites.

  • Custom Child Theme
  • Control Every Detail
  • Integrate with an existing payment gateway

Sub Domain

Let Marta Systems manage and host your website. This is a good solution for resellers that don’t want the headache of server setup and management.

  • Custom Child Theme
  • Headache-Free website management
  • Generate Revenue
  • Set your own Subscription Prices


Connect to Marta Systems for your weather data, choose from one of our subscription plans.

  • Online Payment System
  • Instant Access from any browser
  • Multi-User Discounts Available
  • Custom Subscription Plans

Weather Website Comparison Table

Features Self Hosted Sub Domain Subscription
One Click Product Addition
Yosemite Software Suite Integrated
Yosemite Cloud Viewer Included
User Defined Favorites
Cross Browser Friendly*
Custom Look and Feel with Child Theming
Reseller Capable
Custom Products
Custom Data Types for Yosemite Cloud Viewer
Custom Subscription Levels