Skytap Subscription

Skytap Service

Marta Systems’ SKYTAP(sm) Weather Data Service is a multi-tiered subscription service which delivers all types of weather data to your Yosemite system over the Internet using a secure, proprietary data transfer protocol.

Service Overview:

SKYTAP(sm) is one of the many weather data sources that is compatible with our Yosemite meteorological software suite. SKYTAP’s unaltered raw data can also be used with your own application.

You select which data you need, and how often to retrieve it, and your system stays automatically updated with the latest available weather data without any further intervention. Data transfer occurs at high speed using lossless data compression.

SKYTAP(sm) reliability is assured through our implementation of redundant servers, data sources, multiple separate high-speed internet connections, 24-hour monitoring and alerting systems, and redundant backup power systems.

SKYTAP(sm) Data Service Tiers:

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NEXRAD Weather Radar

Over 20 of the most usable products that the WSR-88D NEXRAD and Terminal Weather Doppler Radars produce, plus high-resolution National and Regional Mosaics created by Marta Systems.

  • Hi Res Base Reflectivity – 6 tilts
  • Hi Res Base Velocity – 6 tilts
  • Composite Reflectivity
  • Digital Hybrid Scan Reflectivity
  • Digital Precip Array
  • Digital Storm Total Precip
  • Enhanced Echo Tops
  • Echo Tops
  • HiResolution Vertical Integrated Liquid
  • Mesocyclone
  • One-hour Precip
  • Radar Coded Message
  • Storm Relative Velocity (6 tilts)
  • Storm Tracking Info
  • Storm Total Precip
  • Velocity Wind Product (VWP)

Weather Satellite Imagery

High resolution digital weather satellite imagery from GOES-West, GOES-East, Meteosat and GMS weather satellites. Marta Systems uses our own Direct-Readout GVAR systems to create over 60 sectors from each of the GOES spacecraft, and also makes the NWS NoaaPort Satellite imagery available.


Digital Facsimile Charts produced by the National Weather Service, NCEP and Marta Systems.

Alphanumeric Products

World-Wide Alphanumerics Service includes plain text and coded text messages. Everything from the NWS Noaaport, and Family of Service, including International data, is available. This data includes, but is not limited to:

  • Aviation products such as Sigmets, Airmets, Pireps, Aireps, METAR, TAF, winds aloft
  • Synoptic observations from surface, ships and buoys
  • Watches and Warnings
  • Tropical Storm reports
  • Rawindsonde Reports
  • Marine reports and CMAN observations
  • Earthquake reports
  • Volcanic Eruption reports
  • … and much, much more

Gridded Model Data

Gridded Model Data, also called “GRIB”, is the output from Super-Computer Forecast Models. Skytap GRIB service includes the models listed below and others. Computer models typically run several times per day, and some generate forecasts as far as 15 days away. Some models are limited to a certain type of data, such as “Sea Surface Temperature”, while others have broader application and generate forecasts including hundreds of parameters, such as the GFS model.

  • GFS (Global Forecast Model, used to be called the “Aviation” model)
  • NAM (North American Model)
  • RUC (Rapid Update Model)
  • LAMP
  • ICE
  • Global WindWave
  • OceanWave
  • UKMET (United Kingdom Meteorological Model)
  • Sea Surface Temps

WTLN Lightning

WeatherBug Total Lightning Detection Network (WTLN) data from the WeatherBug network is available in real-time from Marta Systems through Skytap. Full attribute data includes date and time of stroke, latitude/longitude (stated to three decimal places), amperage, number of flashes, and polarity.